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2019 North Carolina Men's Advance

North Carolina Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International USA

Men’s Advance

March 22-24/2019 

Men You Will Not Want to Miss This!

Fort Caswell

Oak Island, NC


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Our Theme for 2019 The original vision given through Jesus: The Love Of God For Us

Our Speakers

 Mike Postlewait  Brother Andre Gorham  Oliver Kay Blue Jr.

Men You Will Not Want to Miss This!

 Men’s Advance Details


Special Sessions for Young Males 10-20 years of age


Register for your personal accommodations with Durham Full Gospel • Registration fee to Full Gospel Men’s Fellowship is $165.00 (includes room & board, meals, snacks, refreshments, and event space)


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Results from the event of March 24-26, 2019

N. Victory Richardson

Summary of my experience at the North Carolina

Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International (FGBMFI)

2019 Advance

To summarize it in one word I would have to say “PHENOMENAL”, and yes I intended to shout!

And I am sure you would ask, “What made it a phenomenal experience?

My answer is that in all the years I have been an attendee of past advances I have never seen nor experienced the obvious presence of the Holy Spirit that I had the blessing of experiencing at this advance.

The validation of the presence of the Holy Spirit was felt even at during registration process. I had come in expectation, unfortunately part of my expectation was that it would be business as usual, which I joyfully say was not the case. Everyone possessed and demonstrated a level of excitement and anticipation of what God would do in them, through them and for them.

Another thing that made the advance this year different was the number of First Time attendees, the number of different nationalities, languages and ages. Also in attendee were organization leadership that did not come just to make an appearance but to fully participate in the experience.

There were quite a few men of Hispanic descent with only a couple speaking English, who were also totally immersed in the environment demonstrating how the Spirit of God can overcome even language barriers and bring unity and agreement founded in the love of God and Christ.

There were a large number of youth demonstrating a true desire to develop and understanding of God and His promises.

The opening teaching by Pastor André ushered us into a spiritual high that I have seldom experienced to the point that I had to jump up and run around the chapel a couple of times to contain what I was experiencing and feeling. Which resulted for and in me a release and freedom that I had never experienced before, and I was obviously not the only person affect at this level or in this manner.

The spirit of love that was experienced and demonstrated during the entire advance created and environment that allowed the teaching to not only be heard but I truly believed received and absorbed by all that attended.

To close I will just say that what I experienced at this advance is what I believe God intends for His children whenever they come together in His name; to manifest His uncompromising, never ending love for Him and each other!

I am truly blessed to have been in attendance!

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