Happiest People Event

Transformation- Houston, Texas, May 12 – 18, 2013

Total Events = 841 & Total People Reached = 1,679 Souls 


May 18, 2013, Houston, Texas -- The Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International wants to share with you and your chapters of this wonderful event that has brought hope, faith and salvation to our city of Houston. This is an international city where daily 19 different languages are spoken. What an awesome learning experience for everyone to have witnessed how the Holy Spirit through the Fire Teams was able to touch people from many different cultures and languages at this crucial time, where depression, uncertainty and confusion seem to reign.

We were able to see such a great need… how hurting people were so glad and thankful to be praying with our members in the name that is above all names JESUS CHRIST.   We shared His love though messages and testimonies of ordinary people triumphing in difficult times to become extraordinary success stories.


We visited a Hindu man behind a bulletproof cage in a convenient store.  After a few minutes He repeated the prayer he came out from his cage, stretching and saying "Aha, Aha."  In a small crowd after the prayer another person who was a Muslim said, "I can't believe I said that prayer."  A large black man in a local prison was weeping and asked, “where do you guys come from, I want to be a part of you when I get out." 

There are so many stories we can share… but more importantly we want to invite you to be part of the "Happiest People Event" train and join a Fire Team as soon as you can in your area. Plan to be part of this great Transformation that is taking place and you will never be the same again.


This massive outreach effort purposed to bring people close to God like never before.   By participating in this event the members were transformed into real fishers of men and women. In the process, we have begun to see change that will transform our communities and our city. Many people came from other nations of the world to join us and help in this event.

On behave of our International President, Richard Shakarian; myself, Rosa and the International Office Staff, local leaders and members, we want to "Thank and Honor You" all 19 men and women of Nicaragua, 6 men & women of Mexico, the 4 men & women from Ukraine and the Directors from Texas, Missouri, and Florida for all your committed help. I want to personally thank all of you that could not come for your prayers and financial support you gave.


All this started in the first Fire Team in Nicaragua, the second week of May in 1999 by a prophetic message given to Rose and myself at the end of the week. The Lord spoke, "There will be a Fire coming from the South that no one will stop and Houston is the door and FGBMFI is the Key for a Revival to the United States."  Monday night, while driving home, Humberto Arguello [Regional Vice President for Global Outreach] and I shared that it was not by accident that the exact week and month 14 years later would be the date for this event. We started on the second week of May 2013.  We are now experiencing the prophetic message coming to life in our city as individuals and chapters… spreading to the suburbs, the county, the state and our nation.

In HIS harvest,

Exec. V.P. USA                                                                                                                                             

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