February 18, 2013 - Armenia, Georgia, Russia, Czech Republic

The happiest people on earth! Greetings to you from Armenia!

Armenia hosted the recurrent international seminar of FGBMFI.  The seminar was attended by guests from Nicaragua, Russia, Ukraine and Armenia, of course!

More and more of Armenian businessmen are joining the work. Today, they also see how simple stories of their lives help others learn about our wonderful friend Jesus Christ! So many wonderful stories! ...They are about the miraculous health restoration, financial miracles, and restored family relationships. All this happens because of our wonderful Friend - Jesus!

At the seminar, we talked a lot about reaching out to others; there were many great stories.  Humberto, and the team very well explained the principles of God's kingdom and God's will for business people of the last days!   

We had a wonderful dinner after the seminar, where 75 people were present, 30 of which were new people.  

Visiting different places in Armenia, we shared our life stories with people on the streets, in shops and public places.    Armenians received the testimony of Russian and Ukrainian businessmen with much attention and with great pleasure as we spoke the simple words of turning to God!

Many Armenians are experiencing hard times; a lot of their relatives have long gone from Armenia. They think that they are experiencing difficulties because they have stayed in this country. Many Armenians moved out to other countries, starting new businesses there, but then suffered failure and returned home. Many people think that they are in difficult situation because they stayed in Armenia. All these people listened carefully and prayed to God with us!

We are sending out invitations to the World Convention in Armenia throughout Europe, Russian-speaking and Eastern countries! We are looking for business contacts among friends in all the countries around Armenia!

My wife and I visited Georgia and presented the work of FGBMFI.

After the seminar in Armenia, the other seminar was held in Moscow. This seminar was attended by more than 30 businessmen from Ukraine. The seminar was conducted by our guests from Nicaragua!

After a seminar in Moscow, my wife and I flew to the Czech Republic and arranged the first dinner there with Czech businessmen with a small seminar afterwards. This work was begun in one city, located on the border with Poland and Slovakia. We plan to visit them again in 1 month's time.

Also, we were invited to arrange a dinner in Prague next time. There are many great business people of the Ukrainian diaspora living there. Ukrainian diaspora in the Czech Republic is the largest -over 130,000 people!

Soon we will visit Armenia again! We have the direct flights to Armenia from Ukraine! Many businessmen from Ukraine love Armenians and also want to go there!

We are honored to continue the work begun by Russians 150 years ago!Hello to all the countries from the Ukrainian team!

Kind Regards,
Igor and Svetlana Soloviov!
National President - Ukraine



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