January 26, 2013 -- Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The first Business Dinner for FGBMFI in 2013 was held on the 26th January in Dubai. It was well attended - about 30 persons. People came from both the Abu Dhabi and Dubai Emirates. We had a great buffet at an Iranian Restaurant - Daniah Restaurant.

Kenny Adesanya was Master of Ceremonies, first speaker was Eric Froonhof and the main speaker was Gideon Esurua. Five (5) persons decided they wanted to have a more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. It was a powerful meting coupled with personal stories of how God will perfect all that concerns us in every facet of our lives - health, business and careers, finances and relationships. There was a great session of ministrations and impartations and God touched everyone.

A meeting was held with key men and ladies after the dinner. Two teams were constituted - one for Abu Dhabi headed by Roy Ashton (a mechanical engineer from the UK) and Dubai headed by Eric Froonhof (a director of planning from the Netherlands).

We agreed on the following:

1. That both the Abu Dhabi and Dubai teams would endeavor to meet regularly to pray, plan, strategize and grow the work in their respective emirates

2. That both teams should not limit their sphere of influence to UAE, but seek to grow the work in other Gulf nations like Qatar and Kuwait even as I shared FGBMFI's aggressive plan for the Middle East

3. The need for training was emphasized and I informed them about plans to talk with Humberto Arguello (Regional Vice President for Global Outreaches). Training will be scheduled after discussions with Humberto and others interested in growing the work in the Gulf nations. Training should be before the middle of the year.

4. A most encouraging news is that God over the years had been speaking to one of the ladies - Mrs Abigail Etatuvie to reach out to other ladies. She got confirmation during the dinner and we had a meeting after. She has been commissioned to go ahead and set up the First Ladies chapter.

5. Kenny Adesanya - the Coordinator for UAE will be going to Kuwait and Qatar this quarter to explore ways of starting the FGBMFI in those two nations.

6. All were asked to constantly get on to the global website for updates. A list of emails will be sent to the office so that these men can be get onto the global mailing list

8. The teams were informed of International President's desire in the next 12 months to hold a regional meeting for the Gulf nations in Dubai and they were all excited

Gideon Esurua
International Treasurer

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